My chapbook

Ok, so I am a huge procrastinator and I have been wanting to work on my own chapbook of poems. For those who don’t know a chapbook is pretty much a booklet of poems, usually no more than 40 pages. I started putting my poems together and then I stopped, but I want to start back up tomorrow. I already have my theme for my poems. It’s going to be called “Scars.” I think that title is very fitting and goes with my theme because most of my poetry deals a lot with dealing with emotional scars and some physical scars. The idea of my theme being “Scars” just came naturally, as naturally as my poetry came to me. I tried doing everything online and by using Microsoft Word and putting all of my poems in an electronic folders but tomorrow I plan on doing everything old school and using pen and paper to write out all of poems that I want to include in my chapbook. I think it’ll be easier that way. Then I guess my next step will be to find a publisher. If any people out there know any good publishers I would be forever grateful for the guidance!

Hooray for Fences

Applause all around for this movie! Amazing performances from an all-star cast, which included Denzel Washington, Viola Davis, and Mykelti Williamson. Not only that but the dialogue was phenomenal. This is a movie that focused much more on the message and delivery on the words being spoken than on the action of the movie. I read the play a couple of times in college so I knew about the basic premise and underlying themes. First, there’s the obvious starting point which is the title of the play, Fences. The character of Bono brings out a good point in the play. That sometimes fences are built to keep people out but they can also be built to keep people in. I believe that to be the main theme of the play considering that’s the title. Rose is so desperately trying to hold on to her family and keep them together, but we find out in the end some things go awry and it doesn’t quite work out. On another point, I have to give kudos to Mykelti Williamson for playing the mentally ill Gabe. I think he did a fantastic job of submerging into that character. He gave an excellent performance. I think any actor who can successfully portray mental illness is outstanding. Whoever hasn’t seen this movie it is a must watch!