Ke$ha’s Triumphant Return

Kesha, the pop princess, is back and a little more subtler than before. We all know Kesha for her crazy, colorful, wild self. Who can forget the song that made her famous in the first place? Tik Tok, anyone? That was the song that made her famous and it was EVERYWHERE! I remember being in college and hearing that song all of the time especially at parties. Now she’s back with a…well, let’s just say a slightly different sound. Her two new singles off of her Rainbow album are “Praying” and “Rainbow.” Yes, she has a different sound and a slightly different look based off of her music videos that go along with her two singles, but I feel like the essence of Kesha is still there. Her videos are still full of color. She’s still full of color, but I think she’s reigned it in a bit. Not only has she kept her true essence but she’s coming back to the music business with an even better message. She sings about hope and being who you are, which makes sense after the stress she’s went through in the past couple of years. She dealt with an eating disorder (bulimia nervosa) and she was in rehab so she could make herself better and now she’s back spreading positivity and light into the world, which this world needs a little more of. Keep on spreading the love Kesha!