Poetry time

I’ve been going through a lot of self discovery. I’ve been learning to appreciate and I’ve come to realize that I am an amazing woman. I’m beautiful, intelligent, creative, compassionate, and loving. I needed to write a poem to reflect that self discovery and here it goes:

Standing in My Glory by Consuela Perry

Amazing woman that I am
I don’t need a man
Not to see my worth
Because what he sees could never compare to what I have inside of me
Warmth, love
Creativity and passion
I’m bursting at the seams with a boundless trove of compassion
They say a good woman is hard to find
But here I am standing in all my glory
Begging, pleading for someone to see me
Me for who I am
That I’ve finally given up and learned to accept me for me
Here I stand in all my glory
To finally accept the beauty that’s within me