The first line is the most important

Ok, so I am a volunteer writer for the Carolina Monthly. I basically write articles promoting different events, local artists and restaurants in North Carolina. I have to turn in an article today but I’ve been having a hard time starting on it because I can’t think of a good first sentence. Last week I wrote about the North Carolina Pickle festival and my first line was “North Carolina is home to some of the biggest food empires in the country. Let’s think Krispy Kreme, Cheerwine, Bojangles’, and Hardees.” I really liked how I started that off. The first line of a story or a news article is the most important in my opinion because that’s what is going to draw the reader in and make him want to read further, but you also don’t want it to be cheesy either or cliché. Many times we’re told clichés are not good. We want something thought provoking and original. So I’m thinking and thinking and have come up with nothing yet. I guess you could say I have writer’s block right now.

The effect of music

Do you ever just listen to a piece of music and suddenly get the chills? You just can’t believe how good it is. That seriously just happened to me. I was listening to the Twenty One Pilot’s song “Fairly Local” and there’s one part that blew me away even though I’ve heard the song multiple times. That song just never gets old. It’s so crazy how music can have that effect on people. Music can sometimes just consume me and I just get so into it.