1-800-273-8255 by Logic ft. Alessia Cara and Khalid

Talk about a powerful message. For anyone who has ever suffered from anxiety or depression and has contemplated suicide please go and listen to this song. This is what I mean when I talk about artists using their gift as a platform to bring light to an important issue. Logic, who I honestly had never heard of until he performed this song at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, has shone a light on mental health issues that the mainstream media would rather sweep under the carpet. Logic cleverly named this song after the Suicide Prevention hotline number and I’m sure this song has helped save so many lives so far. I can relate to this song on so many levels with me being someone who has suffered from depression and anxiety. I know I’m not alone. I have two absolute favorite lines in the whole song that resonate with me. The first one is by Logic when he says, “I never had a place to call my own I never had a home / Ain’t nobody callin’ my phone / Where you been? Where you at? What’s on your mind? / They say every life precious but nobody care about mine.” I’ve been there when you just get to the point of your depression and think that nobody cares about you because they haven’t picked up the phone to check on you, so you have to ask yourself why does it matter if you’re around or not. Also, when it comes to depression it can be so easy to isolate yourself and you may believe that no one cares about you but how would you know if no one cares if you’re isolating yourself. That’s one of the worse things you could possibly do. I still do it at times though because it can be so tempting to keep to yourself and wallow in self-pity. The other line I love is sung by Alessia Cara. It goes like this, “It’s the very first breath / When your head’s been drowning underwater.” She describes the feeling you get after getting the help that you need. I’ve never had to call the suicide hotline but I can imagine that it’s an incredible feeling, like a weight lifted off of your shoulders when you reach out for help and you get it. It’s like the first step to getting better. A song like this needs to be heard because a lot of people suffer from depression that you may not even know including celebrities and everyday normal people. People suffer from it more than you may think. The following article explains why this song is incredibly important and what it has meant to people.


Art as a platform


In my last blog post I mentioned how music is supposed to be a platform for important issues, but now I want to go more in depth with that thought. More than just music I believe all art forms can be used to highlight important social and political issues. I instantly think of art such as the well-known advertisement of Rosie the Riveter that was all the rage in World War II. That art was a representation of the women during WWII who had to work in the factories and take other “man” jobs because all of the men were away from home in the military. Rosie the Riveter is frequently used as a symbol of feminism. today Don’t get me wrong. All music doesn’t have to have deep thought, but the music today has become so ridiculous that a lot of today’s artists have forgotten the art of music. Art also doesn’t just have to deal with social and political issues but it can also be a platform for personal issues. We know a lot of artists who go through breakups and create amazing songs out of that heartbreak. I’m looking at you Adele and people can relate to that. I think that an artist that is relatable is important, but not only with music. I could say the same about any art form such as writing, visual art, dance, and so forth. All art has the power to incite change and I think artists have a duty to their audiences to make something worth listening to. The same thing goes for my writing. I try to use my writing as a platform to discuss how I’m feeling. Below I have attached three different types of art with a message…Rosie the Riveter, Alessia Cara’s song and video “Scars to Your Beautiful,” and a link to my poem “Black and Blue,” which is a poem that I wrote about domestic violence. Art takes many forms.




A Diamond in the Ruff

Personally, I think today’s music leaves something to be desired especially when it comes hip-hop. I mean you have all kinds of people making it into the industry who have no talent. They look crazy and have even crazier names. I was watching the MTV Video Music Awards the other night and my little sister had to tell me who some of those people were. I mean who is Lil Uzi Vert? But I digress. In today’s music (even though I feel majority of it has gone to the dogs) an artist comes along that makes you sit up and take notice. Starting today it was Alessia Cara. On the awards show she performed her song “Scars to Your Beautiful,” which is an absolutely beautiful, inspiring song about accepting your beauty….scars and all. Not only are her songs beautiful but she radiates a natural beauty inside and out. No makeup and no fancy clothes for this girl. All of her songs have such a great authentic message. You can see that she’s a sweet, beautiful, and humble girl. She just looks down-to-earth. Alessia Cara is a diamond among the roughness that is the music industry where everyone is trying to be so glamorous and flash everything they got. She is definitely a breath of fresh air. I feel like music is meant to be a platform to shine light on issues that plague society and Alessia Cara does an amazing job of doing that. She shines a light on self-image issues and she’s also featured in a song with two other artists, Logic and Khalid. They’re also two up and coming artists. The song title is actually the number of the suicide prevention hotline and that’s what music is supposed to be about. Music, for me at least, has always been about connecting with people and making people feel less alone. It’s much like how I feel about my writing. Music has such a presence in this society and Alessia Cara is doing it right.