The key to good fan fiction

So I just started watching the Netflix original series “Stranger Things” and one of my favorite parts about the story is the relationship/friendship between Nancy and Jonathan. I’m a sucker for a potential love story within a story. Some would consider that a subplot. I’m so into these two characters and their potential to develop a romantic relationship that I was curious about what kind of fan fiction is out there for these two. There was one fan fic that I really liked because I think it stayed true to the characters. The author made the characters believable. I don’t know if it’s because that person took from an actual scene and just reimagined it, but I think that’s only part of it. Some of the other fan fics weren’t believable to me because I felt like they didn’t stay true to the character’s personalities. I feel like that’s the key to good fan fiction: staying true to the characters and their development.

The best of 50s music

In terms of music I would have to say that 50s is one of the best decades in music. I’m only 25 years old but I have an appreciation for the oldies and I actually have 50s rock and roll as one of my stations on Pandora. Musicians like Bobby Darin, Elvis Presley, Louis Armstrong, Little Richard, and so many more have made a lasting impression on how I look at music. A lot of the music in the 50s is more than just lyrics. Sometimes it can just be about those big jazz breaks. I feel like an old soul when I listen to that music. One of my favorite songs from that era is Jerry Lee Lewis “Great Balls of Fire.” Jerry Lee Lewis was the epitome of 50s rock and roll. I definitely feel like people should listen to it more and have an appreciation for different types of music in general. We should never be pigeon holed into one type. I’m young and I have such an eclectic taste in music that it’s crazy. My playlist is bipolar and it’s great. So branch out and discover what music is out there that you haven’t tried.

Poe’s Influence

Just the other day me and my family were talking about Edgar Allan Poe. Me and my dad were both saying how “The Tell-Tale Heart” is our favorite story by Poe. I absolutely love Poe. I have one big, thick book of all of his collected short stories and poems and Tell -Tale Heart will always be my favorite. I thought that story was always intense. I like the ending:

“I gasped for breath –and yet the officers heard it not. I talked more quickly –more vehemently; but the noise steadily increased. I arose and argued about trifles, in a high key and with violent gesticulations; but the noise steadily increased. Why would they not be gone? I paced the floor to and fro with heavy strides, as if excited to fury by the observations of the men –but the noise steadily increased. Oh God! what could I do? I foamed –I raved –I swore! I swung the chair upon which I had been sitting, and grated it upon the boards, but the noise arose over all and continually increased. It grew louder –louder –louder! And still the men chatted pleasantly, and smiled. Was it possible they heard not? Almighty God! –no, no! They heard! –they suspected! –they knew! –they were making a mockery of my horror!-this I thought, and this I think. But anything was better than this agony! Anything was more tolerable than this derision! I could bear those hypocritical smiles no longer! I felt that I must scream or die! and now –again! –hark! louder! louder! louder! louder!

“Villains!” I shrieked, “dissemble no more! I admit the deed! –tear up the planks! here, here! –It is the beating of his hideous heart.”

*I always thought that was genius writing. The intensity just kept building and building and then bybthe end of the story the man’s paranoia got the better of him and he admitted to his crime. Poe really built a name for himself because of his twisted mind He was really consider the father of horror and father of the detective story. I love writers who are a little off and Poe really messed with your mind.

Writing poetry

I started really writing poetry in college. I had a poem that I had written in college that I submitted to my college’s literary magazine and it got published.  I didn’t really think too much of it until one of my professor’s really encourage me to continue writing because my poem was deep and also disturbing. I had written after my parents had split up and I was in 8th or 9th grade and I was feeling depressed. After reading my poem she actually thought I needed to go see the school counselor! I told her no and that I was fine because this was when I was a lot younger. Poetry for me is such a release. I’ve always been better at written communication and poetry is a channel that allows me to be who I am. People who write poetry approach poetry in different ways. Most people feel the need to write everyday. I don’t write everyday if I don’t feel that I have anything important to say. I usually write when I’m feeling inspired and if I’m dealing with something. Writing should be about writing about your own experiences. To my fellow writers how do you approach your writing? Here’s the link to my poem

A Dream Deferred

“What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up
Like a raisin in the sun?

Or fester like a sore–
And then run?

Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over–
like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?”~Langston Hughes

*This is one of my favorite poems by the highly esteemed Harlem Renaissance writer Langston Hughes. This may be one of Hughes’ most famous poems and I especially love this poem in connection with the play, A Raisin in the Sun, which got its name from this poem. I feel like this poem really sets up the story of the play and the plot of the play is really built around this poem. It’s all about dreams. Essentially, what happens when you don’t follow your dreams? Based off of this poem it seems like Hughes’ is trying to convey the message that not following your dreams can have unpleasant consequences. When you think about your dreams and you stew over the fact that you can’t get anywhere, the weight of it all can be maddening. In the play this reaction is most notable in the character Walter Younger who had dreams of going into business for himself by using his dead father’s insurance money. He became obsessed. It’s almost like the dreams that he had were eating him up inside. I think this is a very good poem to reflect on. Tell me what are your thoughts on this poem? Here I’ve posted a link to the poem

Music and Art

Art is beautiful and music is wonderful but combined they can be dynamic. I live in Goldsboro, NC and on the surface Goldsboro doesn’t seem like a thriving artistic city, but I have recently learned that there is more to Goldsboro than meets the artistic eye. The Arts Council of Wayne County is at the center of it all. They focus on supporting local artists. I took a journey downtown today to check it out mainly because I had to write an article about. I am a volunteer writer for Carolina Monthly. Part of the lure of this place for me is that the actually have a music alley, where they have displayed artwork that shows off the beauty of music. Music plays a very important part of my life and I believe it to be one of the most important things in life and to me art (any kind of art) is a cultural experience. I’m so happy to have found this place. They have upcoming art exhibits, they have an art market with trinkets created by local artists, and they have many opportunities for artists to make a name for themselves in the community. I look forward to getting more involved and creating my own stuff.

Intellectual Stimulation

Have you ever been enthralled by intellectual conversation or maybe a show that challenges your brain and knowledge? I love those types of atmospheres. I was just watching Jeopardy and I’ve always put that show on a higher level than say Wheel of Fortune because Jeopardy challenges my knowledge and I like to assess how much I know, and I usually do pretty good on Jeopardy. Intelligence is one of the sexiest qualities that anybody can have, and it deserves to be put on a higher pedestal.