Poetry time

I just wrote this poem in less than 5 minutes. I was feeling a bit lonely and the words just came to me.

Can we talk?
I’m longing for more than just artificial words matched with artificial actions
Let’s talk about what is life
Our dreams, our goals
Let’s talk about books and music
Can we talk about our feelings?
Let’s talk about what drives us mad
Also what it means to be glad
How have we gone this long without discussing all of that
Can we talk?
I would love to talk about what love means to you
Who was it that hurt you
Can we talk?
Can we talk about me?
Ask me what it means to be me
How do I view love and we can talk about everything in between
I would just love to talk to you
So please can we talk with just us two



To Kill A Mockingbird

There has been recent controversy surrounding this classic novel by Harper Lee. No doubt most people have read this novel in school. I remember vaguely reading this book in 8th grade. However, I wanted to comment on the recent controversy surrounding the novel. School districts in Mississippi have banned the book because of its oh-so-real setting and themes that were common in the South like the way blacks were treated. I strongly disagree with banning books and especially this book because it’s a strong reflectiom what the South used to be and sometimes still is. In a way it’s like banning the book is an attempt to erase history and it’s not right.

Eminem’s rise and fall

Everyone is familiar with Eminem’s controversial freestyle rant about Donald Trump at the BET Hip Hop Awards a couple of months ago. His biggest fans were by his side all the way, appreciating his lyrical genius and his nerve to be so controverisal, although long time fans like myself know that Eminem has no problem with controversy and throwing every celebrity under the bus. Then of course there’s the other end of the spectrum filled with people who are more than likely Trump supporters who were outraged and making comments that summed up to this is Eminem’s desperate attempt to make himself relevant again. I’m not here to talk about Eminem’s freestyle about Trump. I want to shine a light on Eminem’s career and his (successful?) comeback. I’ve been an Eminem fan ever since I was a little girl. I’m a HUGE fan. His music was always so raw and real and mind blowing. A lot of his lyrics made you laugh or drop your mouth open because you couldn’t believe he just said that. He’s also probably been one of the most controversial rappers of our time. Gay and women rights groups have come up against Eminem in the past for promoting hate speech and still through it all I and everyone of his fans have supported him and his music because we feel like we know what he’s about. Now it’s 2017 and Eminem has a new album called “Revival” coming out in about a week. If I’m not mistaken this is his first album in a couple of years and I hate to be one of those fans, but judging by the songs that I have heard already I want the old Eminem back. I always said that true fans should support Eminem because even if the Slim Shady persona is dead Eminem has matured so we can’t expect the craziness like when Em first started out. I ask this though, to be a true fan do you have to like every song? I don’t think so. I think as fans we should demand quality from our favorite artists. We don’t have to kiss their butts. If we don’t like the direction an artist is going or the music he or she is putting out then we have the right to our opinion and I have to say that I am not feeling Eminem right now as much as it pains me to say that. I don’t like his new song with Beyoncé even though I fully understand the message of the song. I just can’t get into it and that’s alright. Hopefully, there are some songs on this new album that I can get into.

Art Reflects Life

Art reflects life. That’s one thing that I’ve realized about art. My god sister recently released her mixtape and most of her songs deal with her ups and downs of her past relationship. That made me reflect on my own art/poetry. I tend to right when I’m feeling down or have a lot on my mind and need an outlet just to get it out. My poetry always deals with MY feelings and experiences and how I perceive the world around me. Recently, I wrote a poem about my new found realization of myself. I’m starting to view myself as this amazing woman who is beautiful on the inside and out. It also reminds me of this line in Straight Outta Compton (the movie) when Ice Cube’s character says, “Our art is a reflection of our relaity.” That quote stood out to me and for me is one of the most realest quotes in that whole movie. When you’re creating art you’re obviously going to write about things that you know or feel or have experienced. That’s the beauty of art. It’s objective. It lies in the eye of the beholder.

Poetry time

I’ve been going through a lot of self discovery. I’ve been learning to appreciate and I’ve come to realize that I am an amazing woman. I’m beautiful, intelligent, creative, compassionate, and loving. I needed to write a poem to reflect that self discovery and here it goes:

Standing in My Glory by Consuela Perry

Amazing woman that I am
I don’t need a man
Not to see my worth
Because what he sees could never compare to what I have inside of me
Warmth, love
Creativity and passion
I’m bursting at the seams with a boundless trove of compassion
They say a good woman is hard to find
But here I am standing in all my glory
Begging, pleading for someone to see me
Me for who I am
That I’ve finally given up and learned to accept me for me
Here I stand in all my glory
To finally accept the beauty that’s within me

My first open mic night

Last night I had so much fun! Last night I participated in my first open mic night and it was amazing. I read four poems last night. I had only planned on reading two but we still had some extra time left over. I’ve been looking to get more involved with the arts community in my town and last night I took a leap and did something incredible. I honestly felt like I was in my element surrounded by like-minded people who appreciate the arts. It was really thrilling!!! I also see it as a great opportunity to network and meet new people who share that same creative spark like me. Just because of me going I found out about ither ilopen moc night events in the surrounding areas. I am sooo excited!!!



The music score

For most of us music plays a major part of our lives. I know for me music flows through my veins, but music plays an important part of a film’s success. Music can make or break a movie. Don’t believe me? I was looking at a documentary of the making of Halloween (1978). Halloween is an iconic horror movie and one of my all time favorite horror movies. Michael Myers creeps me out. In the documentary the director was saying how he showed the original cut of the movie to someone before the music was added and her final opinion was that it wasn’t scary. Later, once the music was added it became the scariest movie she had ever seen. I found that amazing although I already knew the kind of effect that music can play on a movie. Also, take the two movie trailers forbthe upcoming film Black Panther. People have commented on the music choices alone for both of those trailers. The music makes you hype, ready to see that movie. Music is such a marketing tool. Music is power.