Art Reflects Life

Art reflects life. That’s one thing that I’ve realized about art. My god sister recently released her mixtape and most of her songs deal with her ups and downs of her past relationship. That made me reflect on my own art/poetry. I tend to right when I’m feeling down or have a lot on my mind and need an outlet just to get it out. My poetry always deals with MY feelings and experiences and how I perceive the world around me. Recently, I wrote a poem about my new found realization of myself. I’m starting to view myself as this amazing woman who is beautiful on the inside and out. It also reminds me of this line in Straight Outta Compton (the movie) when Ice Cube’s character says, “Our art is a reflection of our reality.” That quote stood out to me and for me is one of the most realest quotes in that whole movie. When you’re creating art you’re obviously going to write about things that you know or feel or have experienced. That’s the beauty of art. It’s objective. It lies in the eye of the beholder.

Author: apmb10

I live in Goldsboro, NC. I am a writer and I love the arts and culture. I'm approaching into getting into some freelance work and I'm just trying to do what I love

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