Posthumous recognition

I would like to pose a question. Why is it that most of the time amazing, creative people such as Edgar Allan Poe, F. Scott Fitzgerald, H.P. Lovecraft, and several others don’t get to see the fruits of their labor. It always makes me incredibly sad when I research these people and find out that they didn’t get recognized for their work until AFTER they died. Why?! And most of them also died penniless and it’s just so incredible to think that these people struggled until their death pursuing their passion and making nothing of it when I as person know the kind of mark that they’ve made in pop culture. As I’ve mentioned in recent posts I’ve not too long finished reading Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald, which follows the highs and lows of Zelda’s relationship with famed author F. Scott Fitzgerald. A lot of the book was centered around Scott’s manic obsession with being the best writer in the world and solidifying his mark in American literature and then he never got to see what kind of impact he made. The Great Gatsby is his most notable work and it has been made into two movies and his novel is read by high school and college students every year. These true creative minds will never see how they made a way for future writers and that they truly became literary icons.

Author: apmb10

I live in Goldsboro, NC. I am a writer and I love the arts and culture. I'm approaching into getting into some freelance work and I'm just trying to do what I love

One thought on “Posthumous recognition”

  1. Sadly, it’s true to this day. There are unknown writers who very well could be the next s.king, or j.d. robb,or George r.r. Martin, but because their work didn’t reach the right hands, their mark remains unknown. Sometimes it did reach the right people but for whatever reason they failed to execute the perfect leap of faith and the great falls between the crack for whatever reasons or another. Besides, perspective is always 20/20 in hindsight….


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