My first poem

Below is the first poem that I ever wrote. I wrote this when I was going through a lot. I was going through a lot at a young age and I wrote this poem when I was in either 8th or 9th grade and my parents were separated about to get a divorce. The thing about poetry is that it’s such a release. At least for me that’s how it is. Poetry is like therapy. I see poetry as a way to heal…not just myself but to also heal other people. That’s my goal and I hope to some extent that I can accomplish that. At times I don’t feel like people will understand me and writing is the only way to get that good feeling of being relieved of a lot of pent up emotions. So here is my first poem:

Have you ever felt empty on the inside,
Feeling like you can’t go on in this topsy-turvy world we call home?
Have you ever looked in the mirror and hated the face staring back at you?
What about the best friend who you’ve been in love with for so many years
and who doesn’t even care?

Just remember, no matter
The circumstances, it’s still just another day
Just another day gone by.

Do you feel like time is just passing you by while everybody else is enjoying life?
You’re the outcast looking in from the outside.
Have you ever toyed with the idea of taking your life but didn’t have the guts.
Popping pills in a way that would leave you motionless,
slicing your wrists to watch the blood escape your body.
Have you ever felt numb on the inside, incoherent to the pain you feel when your world has fallen apart.
When you’ve had to deal with your parents’ divorce because of your dad’s infidelity?
Let’s just say “who cares?” because it’s not even important anymore.

Just remember, no matter
The circumstances, it’s still just another day
Just another day gone by…

What about the people who stare at you because you’re different–
Do you ever feel you have to mold yourself into society’s image of beauty?
In the end it’s not even important what they have to think or have to say;
All that matters in the end is what you think about yourself,

Because all you have to do
Is just remember no matter
The circumstances, it’s still just
Another day, just another day gone by
Because in the end every cloud has a silver lining…

*Even though with all of the things that was going on in my life I like how I was still able to realize that bad days aren’t forever. Like my poem mentions, every cloud does have a silver lining. We just have to take each day one at a time. Maybe even take each day one minute at a time for some of us because we’re all a work in progress. I hope this was helpful to some.


Author: apmb10

I live in Goldsboro, NC. I am a writer and I love the arts and culture. I'm approaching into getting into some freelance work and I'm just trying to do what I love

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